Dear Doctor Straight I am aged 17 and in form two, I lost my virginity during April holidays. After five days I received my periods, but the following two months I never received and this worries me. My body started changing, my eyes turned white and hips broadened. I then received my periods again and my eyes returned to normal. People started saying that I aborted, mara am still pregnant which shocked me. I went to a midwife for checkup, she told me that she could not observe any sign of pregnancy, but she could not tell whether I was. My questions are: 1. Am I pregnant and if I am what can I do? 2. is it possible to receive periods while pregnant. What is the problem? Worried C.K , •

Dear CK

You are not pregnant The whole purpose of the menstrual cycle is to try and prepare the womb/ uterus to receive the fertilized egg/ova. If this target is not achieved, then the lining of the uterus is washed away; this is the monthly flow and the uterus starts the process of preparation all over. If pregnancy is achieved then the uterus accommodates the baby until the time of delivery and there will be no monthly flow. One is unlikely to have periods during pregnancy, if you had periods 5 days after having sex. During adolescence, the periods can be very irregular initially before getting into a rhythm. The body changes experienced could just be part of the adolescence body changes experienced normally. Dr Straight