Hopekid opens up about Sex and peer pressure

Controversial Gospel artiste Hopekid’s view about sex in our earlier interview….

Even with all the sex education lessons, peer pressure is still very alive to the extent that besides seeing all the pornographic material online, one may fall into sexual temptations simply because of peer pressure

Hope Kid, Gospel artiste

In an earlier interview, Straight Talk sat down with Hopekid, a Kenyan gospel artiste and this what he had to say about matters sex and youth sexuality

Straight Talk (ST): Tell us about yourself:

Hope Kid (HK): Most people know me as Hopekid, but my real name is Simon Peter. As a musician, my specialty is in the New skul dance hall genre during which i get to reach out to many youths and dance hall lovers. 

ST: When did you get into music

HK: I delved into music right after High School because most of my friends from the hood had already delved into it. Fortunately I had people to advise and guide me towards my musical quest.

ST: Who are some of the most fundamental actors you ever worked with?

HK: I would say that Mr Googz played a very fundamental role at the beginning of my music career even teaching me the patois language from Jamaica which has been a great asset in my dance hall career.

ST: Did you specifically choose to do gospel dance hall?

HK: Not really. At first, I had started with regular praise music, but upon realizing that  had an impressive love for dance hall music, i chose to minister in the lines along which my passions lay.

ST: In your career as an artiste, have you ever seen people with HIV AIDS?

HP: Yes! I come across people affected and infected wit HIV AIDS on a regular basis. From the hood, to concerts and basically all around us people may be living with the HIV virus.

ST: What do you feel has greatly propelled HIV in Kenya?

HK: Modern society plus the internet has transformed and exposed modern youths to so much sexuality that it is even affecting personal relationships. Many youths try to act out what they see online forgetting that some of those are virtual realities.

ST: So youths are irresponsible with social media?

HK: Yes! I would say that because even with all the sex education lessons, peer pressure is still very alive to the extent that besides seeing all the pornographic material online, one may fall into sexual temptations simply because of peer pressure.

ST: Did you ever attend sex education during your high school?

HK: Yes! I did, and it became a very fundamental part of my life as I carried the lessons all through to my adulthood.

ST: How did you feel about the sex education classes?

HK: Back then, I felt like they were an intrusion to my privacy, and that maybe the teachers were exaggerating the teachings so that we would all be scared of sexual encounters. But after seeing how some of my high school mates turned out, I was glad to have followed and listened to those gems of wisdom.

ST: How has society propelled the spread of HIV AIDS?

HK: A look at society reveals that certain modes of dressing are more permissible these days than they were back then. Mini skirts and tight trousers have a sexual appeal to them that would give people the wrong ideas.

ST: What suggestions would you pass?

HK: Perhaps we should go back to the basics and ensure that people follow the good old morals our parents upheld. If ladies wear short outfits, men should have high levels of self control and vice versa.

ST: How should young people handle relationships?

HK: Like friendships where you become each others shoulder to lean on because the moment you start having unprotected sex, then it will quickly turn from relationship to family.

ST: What is your view in regards to safe sex?

HK: I personally do not advocate for sex before marriage because even the Bible is clear about sexual activities with the commandments asking people NOT to commit adultery.

ST: If you had younger siblings what would you advice them in regards to HIV AIDS?

HK: I would ask them to abstain! Virginity is a gift that once lost can never be reclaimed. Don’t succumb to peer pressure just because your friends did it. Instead, learn to define your paths in wisdom.

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