Dear Doctor Straight, My problem is that since October last year I have been experiencing a serious problem with my vagina. It produces a weird fluid which sometimes is yellowish or brownish. I have never had sex. There is no one to advise me because I am not allowed to leave our compound. My vagina smells like it is rotten please advise me before it gets worse. Stressed girl.

Dear stressed girl,
A healthy vagina produces secretions to cleanse and regulate itself. The acidic environment created by normally-occurring bacteria in the vagina prevents infections from occurring. All women have some vaginal discharge. Normal discharge may appear to be clear cloudy white and/ or yellowish when dry on clothing. Changes in normal discharge can occur for many reasons including the menstrual cycle and emotional stress. The overgrowth of normally-present bacteria and infection can cause changes in vaginal discharge. Chemical irritation (douching, feminine hygiene sprays) and poor hygiene can also be significant factors.

Vaginal infections are very common and not all are sexually transmitted. Any changes in color or amount of discharge may be a sign of vaginal problems.

Indicators include;

• Persistent increase of discharge.

• Dischargeaccompaniedbyitching or

• Burning on the skin during urination

• Whites lumpy discharge (mala-like) Discharge with a foul smell.

Vaginal care includes
• Keeping the vaginal area clean and dry

• Use of cotton underwear

• Wiping from the front to the back after visiting the toilet

• Avoiding the use of deodorant pads or tampons

• Avoiding washing the inside of the vaginal with soaps

• Finally, you need to see a doctor to assess your condition.