Straight Talk (ST): Many people know you as DJ Mo, what is your real name?
DJ MO: My real name is Samuel Muraya, I was born in 1987 in Murang’a town,.

ST: You have been a successful Kenyan deejay, tell us about your journey
DJ MO: Basically, my journey started in Maragua Primary School, Lanet High School in Nakuru, then I joined Spin Rage Deejay Academy where I mastered my art. I have been honoured to be the Host DJ on Crossover for many years and won many awards for it.

ST: You recently won best media personality award at the Groove Awards how does it feel to keep winning awards yearin year out?
DJ MO: It is a great feeling especially when people recognise your efforts and even award you for it. It means that the fans appreciate me and are willing to go out of their way to vote for me. I look forward to many more local and international awards.

ST: How has the journey of fatherhood been for you?
DJ MO: Awesome. Fatherhood is one of those precious gifts you can never explain and the best thing is that you I am now responsible for Ladasha Wambui, my young daughter who looks up to me.

ST: If you were to advise Kenyan youths in regards to sexual matters, what would you say?
DJ MO: I would advise Kenyan youths to abstain. Abstinence is the safest way to protect oneself from HIV/Aids as well as sexually-transmitted infections.

ST: What about those who are already sexually active?
DJ MO: I strongly believe in sex after marriage. So, for those ones I would recommend secondary virginity. It is important to know that your sexual partner is there for you for the long run. Not only does it give you confidence, it also enforces trust in the relationship

ST: Do you feel that sexual education is an important subject in today’s coursework?
DJ MO: Definitely, yes. It was these kinds of sex education classes that kept us wise in regards to the effects of early sexual encounters. The school used to show Aids-related videos during the sex education class. Watching those videos and first-person narratives about the challenges of living with Aids definitely went a long way into keeping us scared and informed.

ST: Your advice for those already infected?
DJ MO: It’s not the end of the world and don’t beat yourself up. Instead, taking medicine and having a positive mind-set is a good way to live.