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Green Talk

Why plant trees?

It’s a simple thing to do, but has many benefits. It prevents soil erosion, purifies water and recharges groundwater, pro- vides food and habitat for wildlife, and fuel and medicines for
people – as well as shade, windbreaks, recreation, a link to history and spiritual comfort. Besides, trees produce oxygen and help prevent glob- al warming by absorb- ing carbon dioxide. Robert Baden-Pow- ell, who founded the Scout Movement, used the natural world as a classroom to
teach young people such practical skills for self-sufficiency and responsibility as camping, foraging and woodcraft. And Scouts respect and take care of nature. Tree planting and other environmental measures feature among the many projects undertaken by Kenya scouts to
build a better world. The Kenya Scouts Association, is proud to be part of these efforts. Scouts and Guides all over Kenya have pledged to plant trees, have been learning about how
to do it and are ready for the 20 Million tree planting marathon!

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