I am a 17 years old Form 3 and I have been impressed by your work of advising the youth. I am also a
perpetual reader of Straight Talk. My problem is that my body is so hairy and I am wondering what to
do. Although men are said to be hairy mine is exaggerated. One day I read a magazine which said that
there is a way in which the hair can be removed. This is through electrolysis i.e removal of hair
through electric current. Direct me to a specific place where it is done, the cost and any other
information. I normally sweat a lot on my legs and my hands; I am normally ashamed of it. I even feel
stigmatized and I regret why I was born. I beg you kindly to explain these concepts, so that I may feel
worth living. GIVE me any other solution to deal with the long hairs permanently but not temporarily.
Yours Evans, Karatina.

Dear Evans, It’s Normal

There is much variation from person to person in the amount of sweat produced and varies with
situations. It is a subjective impression mainly associated with mental stress. No abnormality of the
sweat glands has been noted. Most of the medicines used in controlling excess sweating have
considerable side effects and do not provide a permanent solution. The solution that has been found in
many cases to work, is reducing mental stress. Excess hair in the body may be a condition born with or
acquired localized or generalized. Most people are normal except for the altered hair distribution and
quantity. Electrolysis is only a permanent solution if only the hair root is successfully destroyed. Visit any
cosmetic/ salon, where They would advise you accordingly. Your biggest weapon against your problems
is to accept the fact that we are all different people short/tall, slim/ obese, handsome/fair, bald/hairy
and that is the beginning of a win. I know at your stage in life adolescence physical features matter a lot,
but do realize that it’s not the only thing in your life. Look at the people around you and just count the
things which you are blessed with.