Report by Mr Evans Ikobe Mankone, Straight Talk Club Patron, Sironga Girls High School.


Mr. Shiveka of LVCT

Mr. Rose Mueni- of KENEPOTE

Mr. Richard Magembe

Dennis Otundo Straight Talk Foundation

Schools that attended

Sironga School

Nyamagwa Girls School

Kadika Girls School

Cheptenye Boys High school

The symposia started at 11.00 a.m. with a prayer form Syprine Nyamisa Sironga Girls. About 400 students attended accompanied with about 20 patrons.  Students presented songs, dance and Drama in form of variety show. We gave them a brief moment of entertainment.

Madam Rose was the first speaker who presented an in depth and well researched information on behavioral change. She described causes effort and implications of HIV/AIDS pandemic. Students were surprised to learn that she is positive and that she has lived with the virus since 2003. What impressed them most was the hope Mueni had; to live up to her retirement as a teacher. Students were allowed to ask questions about HIV/AIDS. And Mr. Shiveka of Lvct noted them down response could be provided in the afternoon.

After a brief interlude of music, students were divided into groups to discuss on various topics that affect them morally, socially academically and economically e.g.

  • Abortion, causes and effects
  • Misuse of youth by our leaders
  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Gaysim and lesbianism
  • Suicide causes and effects
  • Rape causes and effects among others

As students were divided into their groups, patrons were talked to by Mrs. Rose, Dennis, mr. Shiveka and Richard on the need to know and discuss your HIV status to the family. This was a very interactive session for us all. After lunch and entertainment, Madam Rose and Mr. Shiveka answered all the queries that were earlier raised by students on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

After one hour students were recalled and group leaders from each of the nine groups,  presented their deliberations to the audience. All the nine topics were adequately covered. Final copy  shall be sent to  participants via their emails.

Students were also moved by a story of a 27 years old student of Nyamagwa boys who confessed of being a drug baron, addict and later convicted but after doing KCPE. exam from the cells, he was fully supported by government  and admitted to Nyamagwa boys.  The boy is out telling youths never ever to indulge in drugs, and substance abuse.

Richard Magembe was our last speaker who has authored a Kiswahili book on Vitendawili, which is yet to be published. He showed the youth how they are ruined by sugar mummies and illuminati (a secret society on devil worship). He gave a story on how he contracted HIV from one Thaarabu musician at Coast. The lady gave him 10,000/= but ruined his life completely. Already he has accepted his status and is out telling youths not to indulge in indecent behavior. Our symposia ended with a brief entertainment session, at 6.00 o’clock. Students and patrons confessed that they learnt quite a lot from this occasion.


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