For a long time publications targeting young people have been about celebrities lifestyles tending to over glorify sex and drug abuse while offering very little information on the real issues affecting the youth. The Straight Talk magazine is a monthly four-page newsletter that targets secondary school students between the ages of 15 and 19 as well as young adults in colleges and universities (aged 20-24). The newsletter advocates for safer sex, including abstinence, non-penetrative sex, and condom use.

Straight Talk magazine strives to address these issues head on. The magazine has existed as a periodical newsletter and we have been distributing it FREE of charge to about 200 partner schools and youth organizations. Our newsletters are published by professionals but are in fact “adolescents-driven.” The information published in them is determined by the content of letters, social media feedback and emails received from readers.

Message content is periodically pretested among adolescents. The newsletters offer age-appropriate information on reproductive health, life skills, and rights for adolescents. In terms of HIV/AIDS preventive actions, they stress the delay of sexual activity and the importance of safer sex for those who are already sexually active.