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Follow up on celebrity interviews. Get to hear their take on various issues affecting the Youth.


Dj MO: “Abstinence is the safest way to protect oneself from HIV/Aids as well as sexually-transmitted infections”.

Straight Talk (ST): Many people know you as DJ Mo, what is your real name? DJ MO: My real name is Samuel Muraya, I was…
Churchill Show comedian Jasper Murume making a face

If it’s not safe, It’s irresponsible! -Comedian Jasper Murume.

Safe sex should never be an option. If it's not safe, it's irresponsible. -Jasper Murume

Cecile: Drugs, relationships and HIV/Aids

“I'm genuinely in love with my roots and I feel a sense of ‘kinship’ for the Kenyan youths" - CECILEStraight Talk recently engaged Jamaican riddims…
Jim Iyke Says, It Takes Two To Make A Baby!