This is an awareness campaign by Straight Talk Foundation Kenya on the post – test situation facing adolescents which creates multiple complications to their livelihoods. Usually a lot of thinking around HIV/AIDs stops at testing, raising the question as to how the teenagers are expected to cope in cases where someone finds them-
selves in the unfortunate situation that they test positive. Beyond medical treatment, these teens need specialized care and support to help them overcome the hurdles of puberty and adolescence. As teenagers, they need to be equipped with appropriate skills to help them in their transition to adulthood.

In particular, teenagers need education on how to live positively
with HIV and understand that there is life beyond an HIV diagnosis. Though awareness about HIV/AIDS is high, misconceptions and low risk perception are equally high across target groups. Stigma and discrimination are therefore, still formidable challenges that limit the realization of the rights of the people living with AIDS, as well as orphans and vulnerable children affected by the virus.