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Who we are

The Straight Talk Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Kenya specializing in communication for social change with a focus on youths. Of particular concern are girls, youths living in poverty, and youths living with HIV. We also work with teachers and parents.

Straight Talk Foundation believes in the power of communication, that is getting young people to talk about their sexuality, how their bodies work and when is the right time to have sex and to prevent unwanted pregnancies. We campaign in advocating for adolescents sexual and reproductive health including HIV/Aids. We ensure that reproductive health and HIV/Aids information is more available to young people.

The Project

Straight Talk Radio presenters Edu Erics and Steve Nzusa share a light moment at a previous school outreach

Straight Talk project is a unique platform for youth in Kenya with a nation-wide outreach and successful in providing Kenyan adolescents with a forum for open dialogue on sexuality and reproductive rights related to HIV AIDS, homosexuality, girls’ rights and more.

Our revamped Straight Talk project was officially launched on 27th April 2012, by Youth and Sports Minister, Hon Paul Otuoma and KSSHA Chairman, Cleopas Tirop at Nairobi School. This was on the occasion of the annual Kenya Secondary School Heads (KSSHA) conference held at Bomas of Kenya and Nairobi School sponsored by UNICEF. Straight Talk Foundation was invited to offer information, education and counseling to the students during their three-day conference. A total of 3,100 free copies of the magazine were distributed to the national student leaders present who represented 3,500 schools from all the 47 counties in Kenya. Also present to mentor the students on behalf of the Straight Talk were our ambassadors Hon Mohammed Ali (Now Nyali MP) and Hon Naisula Lesuuda (Senator, Samburu County)

NYALI MP Hon Mohammed Ali who is also a Straight Talk mentor/volunteer distributes free copies of Straight Talk newspapers to students delegates at the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association delegates conference held at Nairobi School

Straight Talk started with the objective to equip young people with information and life skills so that they can protect themselves from high risk situations and remain in control of their own behavior. The program intends to contribute to combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, reduce teenage pregnancies, promote safe and responsible sexual behaviours, discourage harmful traditional practices, eliminate sexual abuse and promote gender and human rights awareness around these topics.

The youth-centred adolescent sexuality and reproductive health programme goal is to provide Kenya’s adolescents with accurate information in a safe, non-threatening context – dispelling misconceptions about HIV and sexual behaviour in ways that resonate with them

Straight Talk reaches young people through old end new media: the Straight Talk and Young Talk newspapers, Straight Talk clubs, the Straight Talk radio shows, educative DVDS, podcasts, training programs and the Straight Talk interactive website.



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